Which governor is most likely to save the state from the Great Recession?

In the run-up to the Great Depression, George W. Bush was the president who pushed through the largest expansion of the federal government in history.Today, the president is being touted as the Republican Party’s savior.But as Republicans have found their footing after years of the Great Democrats, the Great Trump is being seen as the…

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In the run-up to the Great Depression, George W. Bush was the president who pushed through the largest expansion of the federal government in history.

Today, the president is being touted as the Republican Party’s savior.

But as Republicans have found their footing after years of the Great Democrats, the Great Trump is being seen as the party’s best hope for survival.

The GOP is on the verge of breaking through with a new wave of voters, and a Trump victory could give the party a massive boost.

But with Democrats controlling both chambers of Congress and the White House, the GOP may struggle to hold onto seats in both chambers.

Here’s what you need to know about which governors will help the GOP in 2018.


Governor Wilfredo Lee, Texas: Wilfrede Lee is an unlikely candidate to succeed Gov.

Greg Abbott in Texas.

But in the wake of the state’s record drought, a governor with an anti-poverty record and a strong social safety net is the ideal choice for a state that has seen a string of record-breaking droughts.

Lee’s record in Texas was marked by his tough-on-crime stance, but his biggest legislative accomplishment has been a plan to end the death penalty, which was struck down by the Supreme Court in 2015.

Lee also was the first governor to enact a $10 minimum wage, a law that has paid for more than $6 billion in state investment in the Texas economy.

His budget has been praised for reducing Texas’ unemployment rate to its lowest level in more than a decade, and he has also signed the state into a $5 billion transportation bond to help rebuild the state.

Lee, who has a solid resume in the state, is also the only statewide elected official with an education degree.

Lee was also among the first elected officials in the nation to use an “emergency funding” tool, which allows for the construction of schools and other public services, to provide funding for state government.

In a campaign ad released last month, Lee described himself as a “strong believer in the sanctity of life,” which is the bedrock of his anti-death penalty stance.

Lee has also pledged to work with the federal Department of Education to reform high school graduation rates, and has proposed creating a statewide “school safety plan” to provide a blueprint for the safety of schools.



Rick Perry, Texas and other Republicans: Gov.

Perry is not the most popular governor in the country, but that does not mean he has no supporters.

In fact, many conservatives believe that he could be a viable GOP candidate in 2018, even if he is not a candidate.

“I’m not afraid of any one of the four candidates,” Perry said last month.

“The only person who scares me is Donald Trump.

I’m not scared of any of them.”

Perry’s campaign has been heavily reliant on his reputation for fighting hard against the state of Texas, but he is also known for his strong stance on guns and the rights of the LGBTQ community.

He has signed legislation that allows businesses to deny service to gay and transgender people, and is the second governor to make public statements about transgender people’s ability to use the bathroom of their choice.

Perry has also been the most vocal opponent of Common Core, a state curriculum that was designed to standardize American education standards in order to boost teacher preparation.

Perry’s record as a states rights champion and staunch opponent of the Affordable Care Act has helped him stand out in the crowded GOP field, and his record of supporting the rights and freedoms of LGBTQ people has also made him a strong supporter of President Trump.

Perry will face Democratic challenger Mike McLane in a Republican primary in 2018 and is currently the only governor in Texas who has been endorsed by Trump.



Greg Calhoun and Doug Ducey, Arizona and Texas: The two Texas Republicans vying to become the next governors of the Lone Star State will likely face off in 2018 against each other.

In recent years, both governors have made national headlines as their personal fortunes took a dive.

After losing their reelection bids in 2014 and 2016, both Calhoun, the first openly gay governor in America, and Duceys, the second gay governor, had to come out as gay during the 2016 campaign.

Both men have since become more vocal about their stances on same-sex marriage and abortion rights.

Calhoun is also a strong opponent of abortion rights, and in recent months he has signed the first pro-life bill in the U.S. in 20 years.

Duceyan, who was also forced to come forward to address his sexuality, has also spoken out against same-.sex marriage, and was one of only four governors to support Trump’s presidential campaign.

He is a staunch defender of the Confederate flag, and recently said that the U,S.

should not have taken down the statue

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