When the world is watching Canada’s sovereignty claims, the world should be watching yours

CANADA, GULF ISLAND — Canada’s claim to the Gulf of St. Lawrence was made a key topic in the second annual United Nations General Assembly meeting on Wednesday night, where the world’s governments debated the sovereignty of Canada’s vast territory, from its territorial waters to its air space.Canada’s claim of sovereignty was one of the…

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CANADA, GULF ISLAND — Canada’s claim to the Gulf of St. Lawrence was made a key topic in the second annual United Nations General Assembly meeting on Wednesday night, where the world’s governments debated the sovereignty of Canada’s vast territory, from its territorial waters to its air space.

Canada’s claim of sovereignty was one of the top issues in the debate, with governments from the United States to Australia to the United Kingdom all voting against the resolution, which would have granted the nation the right to exercise jurisdiction over the disputed waters of the Gulf.

But the debate was a major turning point for Canada, as well as for the world, and a chance for world leaders to learn how to deal with Canada on matters such as trade and foreign policy.

For some, it also was an opportunity to make Canada a more visible and important player in international affairs, as a member of the United Nations Security Council and a powerful economic power that holds influence over the world.

For others, it was a chance to show off Canada’s wealth and military power and remind other nations of the size and scope of Canada.

But for those in attendance, the debate over Canada’s sovereign claims, which have become a hot-button issue for years in Canada, was also a chance of making Canada’s case to the world that it is not going anywhere.

It was a good example of how the UN is changing.

They are getting more interested in the UN as a forum for public diplomacy, not just as a place to decide.

So they were trying to make a case for Canada’s position on the Gulf and to show that they are not going away anytime soon, said Bill Côté, a Canadian diplomat and expert on sovereignty issues.

“They are saying that Canada has been an important player since the early 1980s, but they are also saying that it’s time for Canada to do more.

Canada has to make the case to other countries that Canada is an important partner, not only for the Gulf, but for the whole world,” he said.”

Canada has been at the forefront of some of the most important issues in human rights, democracy and trade, and now they have to show why.”

The debate came after a string of high-profile incidents and protests involving the Canadian government.

On Monday, Canada’s minister of foreign affairs, Chrystia Freeland, addressed the UN General Assembly, saying that Canadian authorities had taken the lead in the effort to find the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and that they were working closely with international authorities to ensure that the search is successful.

“I want to acknowledge that we have made tremendous strides over the last few years to find this aircraft and find its 239 people,” Freeland said.

“We have the lead, but we are not finished yet.”

The following day, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held a news conference to talk about Canada’s actions in the search and rescue effort, saying, “Our first priority is the safety and wellbeing of our people.”

A day later, Freeland spoke with reporters at the United Arab Emirates, where she reaffirmed the Canada-UAE relationship and reaffirmed Canada’s commitment to protecting human rights.

Freeland said she was also concerned about the lack of transparency from the governments of other countries.

“We have to be very clear that if we want to ensure the safety of people who are searching for MH370, we need to be able to share this information with other countries,” she said.

Canada and other nations have been criticized for their slow response to the crisis.

Last month, the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child raised questions about whether Canada was doing enough to investigate the disappearance of the plane, saying there was no evidence to suggest the plane’s passengers had been in direct contact with anyone on board.

In the face of such concerns, the Conservative government has been trying to improve Canada’s relationship with other nations, including a $10 million commitment to help with the search effort, and is set to unveil a new strategy for the country’s international relations.

The government says it is working to develop a new framework for dealing with crises, including the threat of terrorism.

“What I have heard from many of my colleagues is that it would be irresponsible for Canada not to be involved in these situations and this crisis,” Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion told reporters Wednesday.

“Canada’s commitment is there, and we are working with our partners around the world to do everything we can to find these aircraft.”

Canada has previously sent the U, S and Canada’s navy and Air Force to the region, as part of a multinational search and recovery effort.

On Tuesday, a Royal Canadian Navy warship joined a Canadian search for the missing plane in the Gulf region, which is one of four areas where Canada is conducting searches.

The ships have been joined by a U.S. Navy destroyer and an Australian frigate.

Canada is currently leading a

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