When it comes to the gendered nature of football, women and men still have a tough time competing

The statistics suggest women are on track to outnumber men in the Premier League by 2020.The latest figures from the Football Association show that the total number of women playing in the top tier has more than doubled to 1,800 over the past two seasons.But while women’s numbers in the game are growing, the gender…

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The statistics suggest women are on track to outnumber men in the Premier League by 2020.

The latest figures from the Football Association show that the total number of women playing in the top tier has more than doubled to 1,800 over the past two seasons.

But while women’s numbers in the game are growing, the gender gap in terms of their success remains.

Women are less likely to win league titles than men, are more likely to go down in the league than up, and their record against men is generally better than that of their male counterparts.

The figures also show that in terms at which women have made it into the Premier Leagues, they are much more likely than men to be promoted.

This is the result of the league being a more gender-segregated, meritocratic game.

Women have made up only a tiny minority of the players who have been promoted into the top division, but the fact that they are more successful than men is not a reflection of a lack of talent or the league’s meritocratic structure.

In fact, it is a testament to the way the game is played.

In 2015, the Football League’s top tier was a meritocracy.

There were four tiers.

The top tier had players nominated for promotion through the first four rounds of the season and were able to compete in the semi-finals.

These were a group of players who had been selected by the Football Writers’ Association, the official arbiter of all Premier League football.

The other tiers were a much larger group of those who had had their eligibility reviewed by a panel of experts and who were deemed fit to compete at the highest level.

The next tier was comprised of players from the second and third tiers of the pyramid, with a higher percentage of the first tier being women.

These teams were promoted through the fifth round of the year and the top two players of each team were invited to the next stage.

The remaining players were sent on to the first-tier.

These players were invited in successive stages through the rest of the seasons.

The first- and second-tier teams were invited from the same year they qualified for the PremierLeague, meaning that the first team from each of the four tiers could not be promoted, with the second team automatically going down the pyramid if it qualified in the lower tier.

This meant that it was the top-placed team that had the final say on promotion.

The fourth-tier was the next step.

These team were selected through the fourth round of each season, meaning the fourth-placed teams had to be at the very top of the table to qualify for the next round.

They would then have the opportunity to play the top team in the same round.

This would be the first round of a three-match play-off series.

The fifth-tier were the first in the new season, with their team sent on for a round of eight matches, a round that was not televised by the broadcasters, so the audience was limited to those who were able or willing to pay for the privilege of being able to watch the game.

If the first two-thirds of the teams qualified through the play-offs, then it was only the fourth team in that group who would be able to be sent on, and they would be sent straight into the third round, with no chance of promotion.

If they had been in the fourth tier, they would have been relegated straight to the second division, with only a fifth-place team guaranteed a place in the next season.

In the first and second rounds of every year, the Premierleagues top teams from the previous season were sent onto the pitch, where they faced off against the bottom teams from their division.

These matches were televised live on BBC One and ITV.

Women made up almost two-fifths of the Premier league’s first team squad, while just over a third of the second-team squad.

As a result, there were some interesting trends to follow when looking at the gender differences in the numbers of first-team players, the number of second-teams and the number in the third tier.

In 2016, the women’s team qualified from the lower tiers of all three tiers, having qualified through play-in matches.

This was followed by the women in the first division, who qualified through an all-women semi-final in the second round.

The second division was also the lowest tier in terms to which the women qualified.

They were relegated straight into third tier, with just one second-division team guaranteed to reach the next level.

In terms of the third-tier, the two women who made it through through through play in matches were the second tier’s most successful women.

This season, the second level of women’s football was the same as last season, where the first level was the lowest.

This represented a dramatic change from last season when the second lowest tier was the third lowest.

It was also a major change

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