How to gost payment for your gst member membership

You’re a gst Plus member.You need to register with gst.GST is Australia’s national payment service and is a key payment option for the Government’s payment plans, which include the new Medicare, Disability and Guaranteed Income Supplement (DGIS) and Disability Insurance Scheme (DISA).If you’re a member of gst plus, you’ll be able to make payments to…

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You’re a gst Plus member.

You need to register with gst.

GST is Australia’s national payment service and is a key payment option for the Government’s payment plans, which include the new Medicare, Disability and Guaranteed Income Supplement (DGIS) and Disability Insurance Scheme (DISA).

If you’re a member of gst plus, you’ll be able to make payments to the Government by paying your bill, and any income from the service will be used to fund your GST membership.

Here are some important things you need to know to make sure you have the correct payment option.


You can pay your bill online through your gost member account If you don’t already have a gost Plus account, you can sign up now for free to be eligible to pay your bills online.


You’re required to pay at least 10 per cent of your monthly bill into the account every month to make a payment.


If you’re eligible, you pay your monthly bills on a rolling basis, but you don´t have to make payment on a regular basis.


You won’t be able pay your rent or mortgage interest on your Plus membership.

If the monthly rent or interest is greater than your GIS payment, your monthly GIS will be charged and your bill will be due.


Your Plus membership is billed on a monthly basis, so you need a recurring monthly bill.

If your monthly rental or mortgage payment is less than your monthly payment, the GIS won’t cover your GIST payment.

Your monthly GIST will cover the GIST amount.


If all of your payments are made on the same day, your bills will be processed and payment will be credited to your Plus member account.


You’ll need to give your Plus account a billing address.

You don’t need to tell your Plus service provider this.


You will be billed every month for any amount that you don�t have money for, unless you’re paying your bills from your account.

If you haven’t already, sign up for a Plus account.

You will receive an email from gst asking you to log in with your Plus Membership.

This email is an email reminder that your account is in process.

You will then be asked to log into your Plus Member account.

This will take you to your gust member account and you will be prompted to confirm your subscription details.

This should only take a few minutes.

Your Plus membership will automatically renew every year and you won’t need any further steps.


Your payments are processed and paid automatically within a month.

If there are any disputes, you will get an email and call from gust, who will contact you with your dispute details.


You pay your GGS monthly bill every month, so your payments will be sent to your PLUS account every day.


You are required to complete a GST statement every 12 months.

If this isn’t done, your payments won’t show up on your account, so it will take up to 30 days for your bills to show up. 12.

If GGS is missing from your bill and you don¸t have a GIST account, your GEST will be added to your bill.


You have the option to opt out of being billed from your Plus members account if you donât want to be billed for the services they offer.


If paying from your gsts Plus member is more convenient for you, you have a choice of two payment options: pay by credit card, or pay by cheque.

Pay by Credit Card If your payment method doesn¸ t work out, you may be able call to cancel or amend your payment.

You may also be able request an extension on your payment to make the payment.

Once your payment is processed and you receive a confirmation email, you should go to the gst contact us page to let us know you received your payment and the status of your credit card.

Pay By ChequeOnce you have your payment, you need your cheque or money order to be sent by post or money transfer.

Payment details will be automatically sent to the email address you provided at the time you signed up for your account in the gust account.

You must then follow the instructions on your cheques, money orders or money orders to ensure the cheque is sent by the correct bank.

If the cheques or money transfers are lost, the sender will be contacted by the bank.

You must also have a valid credit card to be able use the service.

If your credit cards are lost or stolen, your chequing or money will be refunded.

You can contact gst customer services on 1800 658 633 or email [email protected]

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